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Luz Living - A Unique Project

The region’s first residential (not tourist) luxury condominium. A community of like-minded full-time residents. An international community that reflects the diversity of the region and the increasing multicultural resident population in the Algarve. Rooted in the local culture and in the heart of the town. On the doorstep of all amenities and the beach. An architecture that draws from the best of Scandinavian and the soft touches of Portugal. Like Portugal and the Portuguese, Luz Living will be for those with vision and broad horizons. Just like our sea views!

Designed mainly (but not only) for the independent pre-retiree or retiree. Stunning location. Glorious sea views. Manicured private gardens. Great on-site amenities. Designed to the highest specification. To the smallest detail. A+ energy certification. Fully accessible. Underfloor heating. Electric charge points in the garage. Concierge services. Partnerships and collaboration ensuring the link with the local community is maintained. Exclusive but integrated. Luz Living is also a great investment for investors who understand the demand from discerning full-time renters, and the market dynamics that are moving people to seek luxury, comfort and security.

Once the project is fully built, Luz Living will implement a service-led approach, with a reception and concierge service for residents. An owner’s lounge will ensure that residents can combine the benefit of their own private luxury with socially distanced socialisation with like-minded neighbours. A focus on retaining in-house management of Luz Living will deliver resident-focused services and keep condominium (or HOA) fees competitive. We aim to invest in local people to create a link between the on-site support team and Luz Living residents.

Aerial View

Terrace View

Development View

Uniquely Local

One of the missing links in the residential real estate model in the Algarve is the ability for local expat residents to move to a suitable community, remaining totally independent but feeling that they have the “support” of like-minded people of similar age and interests. Whether not wishing to manage a large villa, of being located too far from amenities and services, or wanting to eliminate stairs from everyday living, having a range of amenities on site, or simply wanting a modern build with better, insulation, heating, security and accessibility that your current home, Luz Living is aimed at you.

We hope that existing residents from the Luz and greater Lagos area will be as excited to have and move into this solution as we are to create it. We also hope that other residents from across the Algarve will consider the merits of moving location in order to find a solution that is fit-for-perfect. As we say, better to move within the Algarve than having to return to your country of origin because you feel you do not have a suitable solution in the region.

Luz Living will appeal to broad cross-section of people, all of whom will have one factor in common - the wish to plan ahead:

  • Existing residents in the Algarve who are looking to downsize to a location with easy access to amenities, to reduce private maintenance of private pools and gardens or looking to live within a community rather than alone
  • Foreign retirees looking for an upmarket development which will develop into a like-minded international community
  • Long-term or winter residents including those applying for the NHR (Non-Habitual Resident) status
  • Investors who can see the appeal and understand the demand from the expatriate retiree sector
  • Portuguese nationals from large cities at or near retirement age, and who want to retire to a purpose-built community in the Algarve, close to all amenities
  • We have already started to discuss and will be implementing a series of links and relationships with local partners and suppliers, including food & beverage, healthcare, leisure & sporting, transportation, cultural and others, to ensure a broad set of off-site services as well as a guarantee of a close link between Luz Living residents and the local community.


    Distance from the Beach

    A Unique Location

    We think we are not being too bold when we say that nowhere in the Algarve will a similar concept exist, within walking distance of the same range of amenities. The combination of the on-site amenities (which will make Luz Living a destination in its own right) and the proximity to many other services and activities, will make this a one-of-a-kind project. It is certainly unmatched in the Luz and greater Lagos area. Here are some aerial views to expect at at different heights of the development: Example 1 (11 meters) and Example 2 (8 meters).

    Distance to Beach

    Distance to Supermarket

    Distance to Coastal Walks

    Distance to Church

    Distance to Hill Walks

    Distance to current Post Office

    Distance to Nearest Restaurant

    Distance to Golf Course

    Distance to Hairdresser

    A Unique Operating Model

    Luz Living will be a residential project. We want Luz Living residents, whether buying or renting long-term, to consider it home. If you are an investor in the project, please note that the end customer is likely to be a long-term expatriate resident interested in having a permanent home in a quality development. This means that this project will not be a good fit for anyone looking to make a return exclusively by renting out their property to tourists at high prices in the summer. The emphasis will be to create a quality long/term or permanent living model, which will attract stable but premium returns for investors over the long term, and maintain Luz Living’s exclusive feel. This means that an investor should also confidently see Luz Living as a product whose value will appreciate during the construction phase, and beyond. Early stage investment should be rewarded with capital growth which is not speculative in nature.

    If you are a full-time resident, whether having purchased your own apartment (condo) or renting long-term, you can rest assured that you will not be treated like a second-class citizen during the busy summer months. You will still be able to go for your morning swim if that is your routine, or read a book in the quiet media centre or play bridge with your neighbours or friends in the residents’ lounge.